Seven Nights To Surrender is HERE!!!

Jeanette Grey Seven Nights to Surrender - an erotic romance set in ParisFive years ago, I started down the road of writing romance with the faint dream far off on the horizon that maybe, someday, I would have a book in stores. I never entirely believed it would happen.

Today, that dream comes true.

My new erotic romance, Seven Nights To Surrender, is a sexy whirlwind romance between the lost heir to a corporate fortune and an aspiring artist, and it takes place in the most romantic city in the world—Paris.

RT gave it four stars, and it received a starred review from Library Journal. New York Times best-selling author J. Kenner says, “With its sexy setting and sensual story, Jeanette Grey’s Seven Nights to Surrender sparkles!”

Have you gotten your copy? If you see it in a bookstore, I’d love to see a shot of you with it, and once you read it, I’d love to hear what you think.

Thanks so much to every single one of you who’s come on this journey with me. I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share this story with you.

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She went to Paris looking for her muse. Instead, she found him.

The countdown is on until the release of my debut print novel, Seven Nights To Surrender. I’ve already introduced you to the hero of the book – rich, handsome, jaded ex-pat Rylan Bellamy. Now I’d like you to meet his match, a lovely young American travelling in Europe alone, Kate Reid.


An aspiring artist, Kate has splurged the majority of her meager savings on what she’s terrified is an ill-advised trip to Paris. Searching for a voice of her own as a painter, she strikes out in search of inspiration. Instead, she finds Rylan.

Though she’s hardly immune to the man’s suave charm and good looks, his easy flirtation puts Kate on her guard. Demons from her past make her automatically mistrustful, and Rylan seems way too good to be true. But his slow and steady seduction reels her in. He takes her to art museums and feeds her crepes by hand on a brightly lit Parisian street. He makes no effort to hide that he wants her in his bed, but with every glancing touch and stolen kiss, he promises he’ll give her a night she’ll never forget.

An erotic romance by Jeanette Grey - Seven Nights To Surrender

It’s a promise she finds hard to resist. She’s not a virgin, but her grand total of two sexual partners both left her unsatisfied. Rylan offers her the chance to experience the truly great sex she’d always imagined just wasn’t met for her. He coaxes untold pleasures from her body and makes it his own personal mission to show her that she deserves to be treated like a queen.

Despite her best intentions, she falls into his web. The passion of their bedroom activities mixes with the quiet intimacy of exploring a foreign city together, and she finds herself revealing pieces of herself she’s never shown to anyone before.

She’s known from the start that this was a fling. But with every passing night, it seems to be turning into so much more.

Seven Nights To Surrender releases November 3, 2015. Pre-order your copy today: 
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Who’s Tall, Dark, Handsome, Rich, AND Speaks Fluent French?

With my print debut, Seven Nights To Surrender, hitting shelves in less than two weeks (**blows into a paper bag**), I figured it’s about time I introduce you to the reason behind the entire book–a gentleman who walked into my head and refused to leave it until I came up with a story for him.


Meet Rylan Bellamy. To all appearances, Rylan’s a guy who seems to have it all. Born into wealth, he’s been groomed his whole life to take the reins of his father’s Fortune 500 company. Commanding in both the boardroom and the bedroom, he’s got thick dark hair, a wicked smile, crystal blue eyes, and a flawless French accent.

And when the story finds him, he is utterly adrift.

Following a betrayal, Rylan left his whole life behind. For the past year, he’s been cooling his heels in Paris, seducing tourists and trying to ignore the anger and the purposelessness that eat away at him. The women he takes to his bed are lured in by his good looks and his bottomless bank account, and he doesn’t let them see any part of him beyond that. He keeps everything on the surface, indulging in single nights of pleasure before sending his conquests on their way.

seven-opencollar-pleasureDeep down, though, he’s hungry for a real connection—for the chance to know and be known. Yet even when he meets a woman who seems to see past his façade, he guards his secrets jealously. Their passion is unlike any he’s experienced, and the closer she gets to glimpsing the man he truly is, the hotter and more intimate their time together becomes. At first, the anonymity was a game. But now it’s the heart of their connection. For the first time, someone is seeing past his fortune and his name. He’s stripped bare by it, and the sensation is addicting.

But there’s a ticking clock hanging over them. And as their precious seconds together slip past, he realizes he has no idea how he’s ever going to let her go.

Seven Nights To Surrender releases November 3, 2015. Pre-order your copy today: 
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Early Reviews for Seven Nights To Surrender

Hey there, everyone, just a quick update on what’s been going on.

When The Stars Align has now been out for a little over a month, and I’ve loved seeing reader reactions to Adam and Jo and their love story beneath the tropical sun. If you’ve read it and feel inclined to leave a review, I’d be so appreciative.

  When The Stars Align by Jeanette Grey  Jeanette Grey Seven Nights to Surrender - an erotic romance set in Paris

Meanwhile, there are just a couple of weeks left until my print debut hits stores everywhere. Seven Nights To Surrender is a sexy story of artist student meets billionaire, and it takes place in Paris—one of the most beautiful, romantic cities in the world.

Early reviews are just starting to come in. It received a starred review in Library Journal and four stars from Romance Times.

Grey’s deft grasp of twentysomething relationships and snark succeeds in the vein of author duo Christina Lauren. Recommended for fans of classic travel whirlwind romances with a refreshing modern flair.

 — Library Journal


In addition, Headline Eternal has just revealed the cover art for the UK edition of the book, and I adore it!

The UK edition of Jeanette's Grey's new erotic romance set in Paris, SEVEN NIGHTS TO SURRENDER

The book is up on NetGalley and available for pre-order now.

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I’ll be back soon with more to introduce you to the hero and heroine and to share more about why I fell in love with Paris in the first place.

Get In An Island State Of Mind…

My new book, When The Stars Align, features a romance between two astronomy students embarking on a summer internship in beautiful, sunny, steamy Puerto Rico. To help get you in the mood, here’s a list of my favorite places on the island, and some of the starring locations for the story.

  • Arecibo Observatory – When people think about studying the stars, they often imagine backyard telescopes and breathtaking images of far-off galaxies. But some of the most interesting work being done in the field is completed by collecting information from the distant reaches of the cosmos using invisible light in the form of radio waves. The telescope in Arecibo, PR, is a vast, metal dish set into a crater in the ground, and it’s some three football fields wide in diameter. Catch a glimpse of it in movies such as Contact, starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey, and the James Bond film Golden Eye.

    It’s the setting for the majority of the story, and the primary place where the characters, Adam and Jo, fall in love.

  • Ponce – This city on the south side of the island boasts gorgeous, pristine, white beaches. It was the perfect place for my hero–buff, athletic Adam–to take the guarded heroine, Jo, into the ocean for the first time and teach her to loosen up a little.
  • El Yunque – This gorgeous national park is the only tropical rainforest in the national park system, and it’s a treasure of dense jungle foliage, towering palm trees, beautiful, crystal clear pools and hidden waterfalls.
    One of the first times Jo and Adam interact outside observatory grounds is on a day trip to the rainforest. Taking advantage of the chance to swim, Jo gets herself into a situation where she needs help, and it’s the first crack in her defenses that allows Adam to see a glimpse of the vulnerability she keeps so carefully hidden from the rest of the world.
  • Vieques Island – This small island a short ferry ride off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico is home to a major military base—and what might possibly be my favorite place in the world. The unflatteringly named Mosquito Bay has a natural phenomenon known as bioluminescence. Tiny microscopic organisms in the water glow whenever they’re disturbed. Swimming fish leave trails of brilliant blue light in the water. A kick of a leg sends off showers of brilliance. Letting some of the water pour down your arm sends pinpricks of light like tiny stars flowing across your skin.

    While pollution and climate change have taken their toll, making the bay less spectacular than it was years ago, it lives in my memory as the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, and is the setting for what I think of as one of most romantic scenes in the book, as Adam and Jo discover the wonder of it together.

I can’t wait to share all the heat and passion of the Caribbean with you.

When The Stars Align releases September 1, 2015. Pre-order your copy today: 
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Introducing When The Stars Align’s Adam McCay

When The Stars Align is coming out in just a couple of weeks. It’s special to me for a whole host of reasons, including the fact that it’s my first full-length m/f romance, my first book with Grand Central’s Forever Yours line, and my first new adult book in over a year. To get the ball rolling with it, I’m here today to introduce you to one of my favorite heroes I’ve ever written, college junior Adam McCay.

Before I get too far, let me start by mentioning that Adam looks like this with his shirt on:

Chris Evans is the visual inspiration for the hero of my sexy new adult romance When The Stars Align

And like this without it:

Chris Evan shirtless was a major source of inspiration for my sexy new adult romance When The Stars Align

Besides his angelic face, his abs, and his shoulder-to-waist ratio, what precisely do I love so much about him?

Honestly, Adam is a delightful mess of contradictions. He’s a beefcake of a hunk who also happens to be a closet nerd, and he’s just as likely to be found working out as he is to be performing complicated calculations in his research into stellar astronomy.

He prizes loyalty above all else. He’s dedicated to his family and his friends, and he’s the type of person who will always try to keep the peace and do the right thing.

To all appearances, he’s a clean-cut all-American guy.

And the instant he lays eyes on Josephine “Jo” Kramer, with her visible tattoos, her piercings and her electric blue hair, he is utterly bewitched.

At first, the attraction is purely physical. After the end of a long-term relationship with a girl he was always better friends with than anything else, the idea of a girl with a little bite has his blood running hot. It doesn’t help matters that he and Jo butt heads immediately, and their confrontations always end up throwing sparks.

But as he gets to know this fierce, fiery girl, he gets to see the hidden parts of her, the hurts and the decency. Animal magnetism transforms into mutual respect, intense feelings of protectiveness, and ultimately, love.

His capacity for love, his patience and his selflessness are the things that end up defining him in my mind.

Also, have I mentioned his shoulder-to-waist ratio?

Chris Evans is new adult romance inspiration

He’s available for pre-order now. I can’t wait for you to read his story. By the end, I hope you’ll be as in love with him and proud of him as I am.

When The Stars Align releases September 1, 2015. Pre-order your copy today: 
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Praise for Jeanette Grey’s When The Stars Align:

“I couldn’t put it down! I loved every sentence! The writing is outstanding, the setting entrancing, and the characters stole my heart. Fresh, flawed and instantly lovable, you’ll root for Jo and Adam at every turn. ”
—S. C. Stephens, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“The heat of the island has nothing on the off the charts attraction that sizzles between its feisty and fiercely unique heroine and idyllic hero. The journey to being the best you is often equal parts beautiful and tragic, and Gray sets the scene perfectly. A sassy and sexy read full of heart and adventure. This romance is like a breath of fresh air.”
—Jay Crownover, New York Times bestselling author.

“Once I started I could. not. stop. I loved every word. Refreshing characters. Unique setting. And a plot that will have you smiling all the way through. When The Stars Align is a breath of fresh air with a heroine who breaks the mold. Jeanette delivers a sexy read filled with the wonder of discovering who you are, what you want, and how to love despite your best laid plans. This story will leave your heart full and your hands wishing for more. Absolute brilliance!”
—Chelsea Fine, author of Best Kind of Broken

All the Latest on Seven Nights To Surrender + Enter to Win an ARC

Well, it’s official! My baby is starting to make its way into the world. Seven Nights To Surrender is my first book to be released wide in trade paperback. I’ve just seen the first advance review copies and they are beautiful!

Jeanette Grey's Seven Nights To Surrender is an Erotic Romance Set in Paris

A few wonderful authors have been kind enough to read it and share their thoughts, and I have been jumping up and down screaming:

With its sexy setting and sensual story, Jeanette Grey’s Seven Nights to Surrender sparkles!
— J. Kenner, New York Times and International bestselling author

“With her unique flair, Jeanette Grey delivers a deliciously sexy and irresistible romance that keeps you turning the pages for more. You’ll savor every word so you don’t miss a single sizzling moment.”
— K. Bromberg, New York Times bestselling author

“A must read! I couldn’t put it down. Jeanette Grey’s writing is so refreshingly honest. Seven Nights to Surrender is intensely emotional and sexy as hell. I need the next book ASAP!”
— Tara Sue Me, New York Times bestselling author


And I’m happy to report that I have some copies to give away. Keep an eye out on social media for more giveaways, but I’m starting out by sending ARCs to my newsletter subscribers. On Monday, August 3, 2015, I’ll randomly select three newsletter subscribers to receive a paperback ARC. So subscribe now for your chance to win one before it even goes on sale.

Seven Nights To Surrender is an erotic romance written by Jeanette Grey and published by Forever Romance. It hits the shelves November 3, 2015.

News Roundup: Cover Reveals, Release Dates, Print Books, and a Giveaway

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve got some news to share, and when it rains it pours, so there’s a bunch of it!

First, I’m so thrilled to be able to show off the covers for my next two books, both of which will be releasing from Grand Central this fall.

When The Stars Align is a new adult romance about astronomy students falling in love over the course of a summer internship, despite a rocky start. It’s out September 1, 2015.

When The Stars Align by Jeanette Grey

Seven Nights to Surrender is a super-steamy erotic romance about an art student vacationing in Paris who’s swept off her feet by a man who’s intent on avoiding his past. It’s available November 3, 2015. New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans said of it:

“Sensual, sultry, and exquisite, Seven Nights to Surrender will sweep you away and seduce you on every page! Crackling with tension and steamy with sensuality, it’s a feast for the senses you don’t want to miss!” –-Katy Evans, New York Times bestselling author

Seven Nights to Surrender by Jeanette Grey

In addition, Get What You Need, my m/m college romance from last year releases in print for the first time tomorrow! I hope you’ll agree that the paperbacks turned out beautiful. Happily, I have a couple of extras to give away.


To enter to win a free paperback copy of Get What You Need, leave a comment below with your email address (I’ll use it only to contact you about shipping information) and your favorite summer destination. US residents, age 18+ only, please. The winner will be selected randomly, and the cutoff is 11:59pm Eastern on Friday, July 10, 2015.

Through The Static is here!! And so is my new website!!

Through The Static by Jeanette GreyI am so thrilled to announce the release of my latest book, Through The Static. It’s a sexy adventure, set in a high-tech, near-future world where smart phones are a thing of the past, and the devices we use to communicate are wired directly into our minds.

Our hero, codename Jinx, has had this technology used against him. He’s a mercenary with no memory of his former life and no choice but to obey the commands that are barked straight into his brain. When an intruder breaks into his unit’s barracks, he’s prepared to do his duty and eradicate the threat.

Right up until the intruder is revealed to be a beautiful woman, bleeding out in his bed.

Little does he know, but the beautiful woman happens to be a brilliant scientist who specializes in the kind of cybernetics being used to control him. She frees him from his unit, but in the process, she has no choice but to link his thoughts to hers.

The connection is more powerful than either of them were prepared for, and it erupts into a passion that overwhelms them.

Before they know it, they find themselves not only on the run from a shadowy corporation, but also working to expose the terrible things that were done to Jinx and finding their way in a blooming new relationship where they can’t get enough of each other’s touch—and where that very touch makes the connection between their even more intense.

The book is a little bit sci-fi and a whole lot romance.

Get your copy today, in either e-book or–for the first time ever–print-on-demand! Find it on: AmazonBarnes & NobleSamhain, or goodreads.

Thanks for stopping by, and while you’re here, be sure to check out the brand-new look for my website. It’s been in the works for over a month, and I’m just so excited to finally share it with you.

Happy reading!!

Meet Jinx and Aurelia from Through The Static

This #TeaserTuesday, I’m introducing the world to Jinx and Aurelia, the hero and heroine of my brand new futuristic erotic romance, Through the Static:

ThroughTheStatic-meetJinx2 ThroughTheStatic-meetAurelia2

Meet them for real on January 20, when Through the Static hits ebook readers everywhere. Available for pre-order now on AmazonBarnes & Noble or Samhain – or add it to your shelf on goodreads.