Jeanette enjoys sharing what she’s learned about the business and craft of writing. She is available to present the following workshops for writing groups, RWA chapters, and conferences.

The Art And Science Of Writing Deep POV

(Presented at Chicago Spring Fling and Romance Writers of America in 2016)
Readers crave it. Agents and editors demand it. Writing in Deep POV puts your readers in the minds of your characters, giving them the escapist, immersive experience they’re looking for every time they pick up a new book. In this workshop, RITA-finalist author Jeanette Grey explores both the art and the science of writing in Deep POV. Learn new ways to get into the heads of your own characters and bring their stories to life, while also picking up tricks for refining your writing and revising with an eye to creating the richest, deepest POV possible.

The Pantser’s Guide to Plotting Your Book, Your Career And Your Life

Writing–or living–by the seat of your pants has a lot of appeal. But many life- and story-pantsers find they hit a wall at a certain point in their careers.

Join life-long pantser Jeanette Grey in a celebration of improvisation, as well as an introspective look at the potential pitfalls of a failure to plan. Then learn some of her strategies for plotting juuuust enough of her book, her career and her life to succeed — without getting overwhelmed or losing her joy.

Fabulous Fiction At Any Length

The world of digital publishing has taken the long-standard format of the novel and blown it wide open. E-books can be as short or as long as the story requires. The new-found freedom is dizzying.

In this workshop, two-time RITA finalist Jeanette Grey examines the utility of publishing works of various lengths for both indie and traditional authors, then breaks down how to tell a satisfying story, be it a piece of flash fiction, a multi-volume epic, or anything in between.



  1. Thanks Jeanette for the time you took to help GLVWG at the conference. You were a fun and informative speaker. I will post the presentation on our resources tab on GLVWG Apricot site.


  2. I listened to The Art And Science Of Writing Deep POV from the RWA mp3 this morning while walking Nia. What a fantastic workshop! Thank you.

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