Wank Wednesday :: Shadow

Today’s prompt for Word Ejeculation’s Wank Wednesday is Shadow. The ficlet it inspired is just a bit of post-coital silliness. I’d rate it PG-13.


It started with a rabbit. She held her hand up in the beam of light spilling in from the window, stuck her index and middle fingers up like ears. With her other fingers tucked in against her thumb, her hand cast a shadow on the wall that looked like a rabbit. It acted like one too, bouncing across the room.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing?” Laughing at her, he sat up, naked and still glistening with sweat, smelling like sex. Smelling like them.

“I don’t know.” She took her shadow puppet to the silhouette of his face and made its image kiss the image of his nose. “Playing.”

“I’ll show you playing.” With a growl, he pulled her toward him, but she remained undeterred. Even squealing, wriggling against his lap, her spine to his chest, she kept the little bunny skipping all across the improvised stage. He pressed soft kisses up her neck and to her ear. “You are so damn cute, you know that?”

She made the rabbit kiss the shadow of her lips. “I know.” Sinking down, her image disappeared from the wall, leaving just the rabbit and him. “But that’s why you love me.”

“It is.” He leaned forward then and pressed his lips against her fingers while she watched the shadows kiss.

Satisfied, she dropped her hand and turned around, straddled his hips. When her mouth met his, he smiled.

“Never stop playing?” he asked.



I’m running a little late with this, I know. But it’s important, so here goes…

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for:

  • A roof over my head, food on my table, and broadband internet.
  • All the family I got to spend time with over the holiday.
  • All the silence I get to enjoy now that my family is gone.
  • The love and support of my husband.
  • The chance to pursue my writing.
  • The ability to connect with other writers all over the world.

I hope everyone had a safe, happy holiday, and that you have lots of things to be grateful for too.

Brand New Web Site

Soooo…. I may have redone my website.

It’s been a bit of an adventure. I’m one of those geeks that spent a lot of time learning HTML and web design (while fucking around on the internet when I should have been working my first entry-level job) almost a decade ago, and I haven’t exactly kept up. Which means I know enough to find my way around, but not enough to get myself out of trouble. It can be, um… fun.

I’ve ditched Blogger – not because it was ever mean to me, just because I wanted my blog integrated into my site and WordPress gave me a lot more control over things. I’ve also ditched all my hand-coded HTML. Hale-freaking-lujah.

Anyway, please check out my new digs, maybe take a look around. There are probably still a few kinks (heh) here and there, but for the most part, things are up and running.

And let me know what you think!

There Is Life Outside Your Apartment, AKA, Joining My Local RWA

Confession time: I live in my head. A lot. And more often than not, living in my head also means living in my house. All the time. I mean, I occasionally have to leave to find food and shoes and stuff. But other than that? Helllloooooo, couch.

So it was a big stretch for me to actually haul my lame ass down to my local RWA chapter meeting this past weekend. I’d been considering trying to go for months, but there’d always been some reason not to. An out-of-town wedding. A D&D game I couldn’t get out of. A severe case of home-body-itis. But this month, I decided. It was time.

And of course, now I wish I’d done it earlier. What a bunch of lovely people. People who don’t blink an eye at a gift bag with a vibrator in it. People who order mimosas for any reason at all. People who write romance and like talking books and word counts and craft. People who were even willing to talk to me, a total stranger with a crippling case of shyness around strangers.

Anyway, the meeting was a big success. I made some new acquaintances, got an awesome new plot bunny, and had fun. Best of all, I got some motivation. There’s something about being around other people all working on the same goal you are, kwim?

So I paid my $15, and am now on my way to becoming an honest-to-goodness member of CarolinaRomance Writers.

And yes, this means I will have to leave my house at least once a month from now on.